Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is this for real?

Last weekend Sunday 29/09/2013 may be another historic day for the MNS. Two coins that were on auction were realised at an unprecedented price.

Before I jump into any conclusion, probably it is better I pose few questions for the coin collectors out there.

Q1. In your opinion, are these two coins really that scarce and rare? 

Q2. In the last Mavin auction held 13th July 2013, a 1969 50 sen security edge, NGC MS62, was hammered together with another Japan coin at SGD340 (not inclusive of 18% premium).  Is this the justification for the sudden increase for the market value of such coin? Or can there be any other reasons?

 Q3. Do you think (in your right mind of course) that these 2 coins are worth the transacted price?  

So, is this for real? Or is this just another speculations? Will there be any innocent victims falling prey if it is just a speculation?

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