Monday, January 28, 2013

Malaysia 1971 10 Sen

Of all Malaysian 10 sen coins ever issued, this 1971 10 sen is most probably well sought after by many coin collectors within the country. The price for these coins has somewhat sky-rocketed over the past 2 years or so.

Somehow though the mintage is very few as compared to other years of issue, quantities of this coin whether V1 or V2 as many call it is rather still visible in the market. Maybe some smart  collectors or dealers are stocking them in piles of hundred pieces waiting for the price to shoot up once again. 


  1. Hi, i m interested to purchase the Variety 1 10 sen 1971 - do you have any for sale?

    1. hi keanu reeves,
      i am sorry i dont have any for sale at the moment.

  2. Keanu Reeves, I got one for sale. RM650/piece. Mail me if u r interested.